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One of the main advantages of the P2012 Traveller is the option to operate in single pilot mode in most countries around the world when carrying passengers.
While under FAA requirements it is possible to carry commercial passengers on a single engine aircraft, such as the Caravan. In most of countries this is not allowed.

This means that, in order to carry passengers for hire or commercial gain the aircraft must be at least multi engined. Nevertheless, an aircraft powered by two turboprop engines is classified as “complex” and thus it requires the presence of a co-pilot. This dual pilot requirement significantly increases the overall operating cost. Not only is it a question of funding an additional pilot but primarily as a result for the need for a “dual pilot” cockpit configuration results in the need for perfect symmetry of all the functions and displays, most of them simply doubled!

The most economical solution to performing passengers transport especially over small distances is via a twin engine, single pilot operation with a capable, modern and efficient piston aircraft such as the Tecnam P2012 Traveller.
The P2012 cockpit design, in addition to the provision of workload reducing equipment such as the state-of-art autopilot, will significantly improve the pilot’s work station and lower stress during long IFR flights.

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