2017 Apr 13 By Stefano Mavilio 0 comment

Today’s world is changing fast. A new demand for transportation between secondary hubs is arising. People and goods move closer and closer, avoiding big, busy airports in crowded cities. The answer is the Traveller. 

The P2012 Traveller, as per its design specification, is characterized by a maximum cruise speed of 194 kt at 10,000 ft. 

One of the essential features potential operators have also requested for this
next-generation aircraft is to have short
take-off capability, enabling them to operate on very short or even semi-prepared runways. 

The P2012 has been designed to have a very low minimum control speed and this results in a take-off distance of about 2159 ft (658 m) over the obstacle. 

The design of the aircraft has been accomplished starting from the following design specifications:

  • Robust and solid design;
  • Operations in FIKI conditions;
  • Easy and low cost maintenance;
  • Ease of cabin access and cabin comfort;
  • Spacious luggage compartments (nose and tail located);
  • Reduced take-off run and take-off from unprepared runways;
  • Range exceeding 950 nm