The P2012 Medevac version provides for the conversion of the basic airline layout into a configuration to be used in case of emergency medical services.

Two optional layouts are available for P2012 Medevac:

  • Single Stretcher configuration
  • Double Stretcher configuration

Both configurations provide, if requested:

the installation of a medical unit that can be installed in place of one of the left row passenger seats.

the option to remove the last passenger seat of the left row, in order to ease the access of the stretcher inside the cabin compartment.

The units provide interior versatility and flexibility to accommodate medical operations and ensure patient comfort.

The typical stretcher that can be installed on the P2012 Medevac has a lenght of 1,83 m / 6 ft with FAA Flame Testing Standard approved (FAR 23.853)

The typical stretcher that can be installed on P2012 Medevac configuration has the technical specifications set out in following specs.
Length 1,83 m – 6 ft Weight 26 kg – 57.3 lb
Approval Type FAA Flame Testing Standard approved (FAR 23.853)

The stretcher kit typically includes:

 a stretcher unit and a cover;

 a Ferno model 12-C portable aero (folding) litter;

 a mattress with removable cover;

 a restraint system;

 the installation instructions and the weight and balance data;

In addition, the stretcher is equipped with adjustable backrest that can rotate from full recline position to 85° of incline. All the materials used for the unit kit conform to FAA flame testing standard: specifically, the materials comply with FAR 23.853 horizontal flame test.

The main features of the stretcher consists of its light weight, quick mounting ability due to the attachment of the unit directly to the existing aircraft seat track

The easy installation and removal of the stretcher, together with its light weight, ensures flexibility and versatitliy when performing emergency operations..


The typical Medical Equipment Unit installed on P2012 Medevac configuration consists of a module used to allocate the equipment needed to supply medical aid in case of emergency. The unit can be installed in place of one of the left row passenger seats.

The diagram shows the stretcher configuration where the Medical Equipment Unit is installed in place of the left row third passenger seat.

The use of the medical equipment needs the installation of a socket to provide the unit with external power supply, further to the battery backup.

Oxygen system will be approved under EASA CS-23 and applicable CRI’s.

Portable electronic devices equipping the medical unit will be approved to be used on board in accordance with the guidance material related to EASA CAT.GEN.MPA.140.