The P2012 Cargo configuration provides the installation of dedicated container modules used for cargo operations. This version offers the possibility to install a variable number of containers, from one unit to a maximum of four units, depending on customer choice.

Compared to the basic aircraft layout, the nine passenger seats and the cabin interiors are removed and the containers are placed along the entire cabin length, up the back of pilot and co- pilot’s seats, so that the entire passengers compartment is set up as cargo area. Each container module has been designed with the ideal dimensions to fit perfectly inside the inner fuselage compartment and to be easily loaded in through the rear door.

The Full Cargo version can accomodate 4 Containers

In order to facilitate the access of the containers to the a/c compartment, a single cargo door is installed in place of the three hatches of the basic configuration: the cargo door has dimensions of 1.29 x 1.18 m (net of gaskets) and can rotate upward.

This solution provides advantages in terms of costs, weight and functionality.

Compared to the basic configuration, the P2012 Cargo shows a weight reduction of 51 Kg (112.44 lb). 

The payload is 1365 kg (3010 lb).

In addition, the pilot’s doors are approved as emergency exits and can be rotated of 110° forward.