The access to the cabin is via three doors, two for flight crew and one in the rear side, divided in three separate hatches for passenger access only or for cargo/baggage loading purposes. An integrated handrail allows a comfortable entrance and exit.

Let your passengers be accommodated in a Tecnam P2012 with the advantage of having a cabin whose measurements are constant for its whole extension, so that the ergonomics remain the same for all passengers and seats, as opposed to ‘legacy’ aircraft in this class which traditionally feature a tapered fuselage in the back portion, there providing less space and especially disadvantaging passengers seated in the rear rows. 

The P2012 aircraft offers the possibility to arrange its internal design in four optional versions, used for different types of missions, from medical emergency services to full cargo operations. Actual configurations are Standard Airline, Combi, Medevac with single or double stretcher, Full Cargo.