The 9-11 seats, piston powered twin engine aircraft market is today characterised by very few models and the majority of aircraft in operation belonging to this category are older than 35 years and are no longer in production. Tecnam Aircraft Industries is committed to the design, development and production of a new, innovative, efficient and affordable next-generation 11 seater twin aircraft, complying with both FAR part 23 and EASA CS-23 requirements.

The Tecnam P2012 Traveller, was developed by Tecnam Research and Design team that was led by Professor Luigi Pascale, Tecnam’s well renowned and award winning expert in the design of many general aviation aircraft.

The Tecnam P2012 has been designed from the start to be a very versatile and flexible aerial platform, offering many multi role opportunities including Hydro, VIP, cargo shipping, parachuting and medevac services.

Designed primarily with the passenger in mind, the P2012’s large cabin can accommodate up to 11 seats (with a maximum of nine passengers).

Easy cabin access, cabin comfort and spacious luggage compartments have all been specifically designed to ensure a pleasurable flight experience.

The cockpit design is optimized to reduce the pilot’s workload and ensure safe single pilot operations.

The sizing and overall dimensions of the P2012 has been achieved through the use of classical fine methodologies and approach.

The design of the aircraft has been accomplished starting from the following design specifications:

  1. Ease of cabin access and cabin comfort;
  2. Spacious luggage compartments (nose and tail located);
  3. Reduced take-off run and take-off from un-prepared runways;
  4. Max Cruise flight speed of about 190kt at flight altitude of 10.000ft;
  5. Range exceeding 850nm;

The high-wing configuration ensures easy cabin access, high internal volumes and a low ground clearance. The result in terms of seating arrangement, pitch and access doors opening are detailed in the following drawings.